DRAFTEE: A High School Teacher Goes to War: Introduction (Audio Book)


 drafteecover_160By David Volk

Draftee: A High School Teacher Goes to War by David Volk captures this without resentment. As a correspondent and photographer for the 101st Airborne Division he looks back with a keen eye to celebrate the experience for all the grit and happenstance of war and makes a bold statement on the entire Vietnam experience.

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Over 2.5 million Americans were drafted during the Vietnam War. To serve one's country in times of war is a sacrifice, but draftees of the Vietnam era had an altogether unique experience. Young men going about their normal lives, making plans for the future were suddenly jerked out of their cozy civilian existence and plunged into the craziness of Army life and war in a foreign land.

Watch Dave's interview as he talks about his experiences of a high school teacher going to Vietnam.  



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  1. Basic Training

  2. Drill Sargents