10 Reasons Your Story is a BIG DEAL...Sylvia Henkin

#6:  Sometimes Your Story IS a BIG DEAL...

By Rick Lingberg

The question was recently put to me, “How many times in your life do you get to be a part of something really big? 
My thought was, for most of us, not often if ever.  I can’t say that anymore.

 Last summer I was approached by a family to assist them with the planning and producing of the memorial service for their mother.  At the time, their mother was still much alive, but in her mid-90’s and of failing health.  Her daughter pointed out, “If my brother or I go most likely the service will be small with just immediate family and a few close friends in attendance.  However, you know mom, it’s going to have to be a BIG DEAL and we can’t wait until she’s gone to get started.”  The daughter is Susan McGowan.  Her mom was Sylvia Ruth Wolff Henkin. Sylvia passed away April 30, 2018. 

SHenkin 250If you didn’t know Sylvia, trust me, she was a BIG DEAL.  So aptly articulated by her friend and former publisher of the Argus Leader, Randall Beck, in his May 1 tribute article, “She wouldn’t, she couldn’t be ignored:  Remembering Sylvia Henkin.”

 Recognized as “The Grand Dame of Sioux Falls” (you’d have a hard time finding anyone who would disagree) her reputation as a community leader, friend-to-many and champion of causes is unquestioned and widely known.  How she blossomed into such a BIG DEAL was a story her daughter Susan and son Joe Henkin wanted to tell when they sat down with me to record “The Birth of a Passion”.

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