Storytelling America: Veteran Stories - 3

South Dakota Veterans Home Stories

Rick PostProduction 800South Dakota storyteller, Rick Lingberg, visited the Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans Home on July 23 to share his stories and to preserve some new ones. "Real history is a compilation of people's stories and experiences. However, only a very small amount of that is ever preserved and unfortunately lost for all of time," says Lingberg. "I think it's important that we do everything we can to preserve those stories even if it's just one story at a time," he added.

JoeLolley 250

Joe Lolley - US Army - 1943-46

This video captures the stories of Joe Lolley, World War II artilleryman.



WandaShort 250

Wanda Short - US Navy WAVES - 1942-45
This video captures the stories of Wanda Short, former World War II Navy Wave and her experiences of becoming an aircraft mechanic.



ClarenceJerky 250

Clarence Jerke - US Army - 1952

This video captures the stories of Clarence Jerke, Korean War veteran and multiple Bronze Star recipient.


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