Storytelling America: Veteran Stories - 4

USS South Dakota 

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It Was Bigger Than A Breadbox
USS South Dakota

"Is it bigger the a breadbox?" The question popularized by Steve Allen on the 1950's TV game show, What's My Line? Often asked to determine a contestant's occupation, product or service. Had Mr. Allen asked that question of the builders of the World War II era Battleship, the USS South Dakota he would have learned that it definitely was bigger...and a whole lot more.



Kingfisher 400

Kingfisher As Flown Off The USS South Dakota - A Rescue Story 

The South Dakota had three Vought OS2U Kingfisher catapult-launched floatplanes. The Kingfisher's primary duties where for reconnaissance, bombardment observation and pilot rescue missions.

Kingfisher OS2U as flown by Lt. Ted Hutchins along with his radioman Herb Goldman.

Hear one of the Kingfisher's rescue exploits as recollected by its pilot Lt. Samuel "Ted" 


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