MComet 500

Who doesn't?  Here's mine:

Make: Mercury
Model: Comet - 2 Door
Year: 1960
Engine: 144 cubic inches - 90 horse power (just barely)
Transmission: 3 speed (on column) manual
Power Brakes: None
Air Conditioning: None
Power Windows: None
Radio: None
Color: Dull Ugly Blue
Price: $185

The old Comet was so underpowered my Uncle Buddy, after driving it, said if I was ever cited for speeding he'd gladly be a court witness to the car's inability to exceed the speed limit in any zone.

I paid $43 every six months for insurance (liability only).  It seemed like a lot at the time.  Not so much anymore.

I never bought more than one replacement tire at a time.  Shelling out nearly $25 for each was a big expenditure.  Do you remember studded recaps?

Gas was usually around $.28 a gallon. A pocket full of quarters would easily fill the tank...I never did.

Later I installed an 8-track tape player with rear speakers (loud only).  Loved that inna gadda da vida (Iron Butterfly).  May explain my current hearing issues. 

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39 Dodge

1939 Dodge

Mine was a 1939 Dodge I purchased in 1951. Four door, grey. I painted the wheel rims red. Had it during my first two years of college, until I went into the Navy. Had bad main bearings and I replaced them myself. Paid $125 for it at $12 per month. Gas was about $.25 a gallon. Passenger side front door didn't fit tight so I packed stuffing around it in the winter. 

Chet W. 

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It took me to work, teen dances, on a few dates and generally anywhere I needed to go.  I loved it.

As ugly as an old hound dog, the Comet provided me with transportation all through high school and my first year of college (University of South Dakota).  Upon entering my sophomore year I traded for a `66 Chevrolet Impala and I would sadly never see the Comet again.

TJ talks about his First Car

It was while at USD that I met TJ.  He had a 1954 Chevy Sedan Delivery of which he was quite proud.  It got him back and forth to Menno, South Dakota nearly every weekend.  Like your first love, TJ had a warm spot in his heart for that Black Beauty. So, it came as no surprise when I hooked up with TJ  years later that he told me he still had the 54. Additional, along the way he has collected (and sells) vehicles from every decade since the '30s.

Though the Mercury Comet never struck his fancy, many others have.  Meet TJ and his motor cars, here.  He may have YOUR first car...or maybe your next.




39 Plymouth 300

1939 Plymouth 4 Dr. Sedan

I bought this in 1952. The heater worked good in the summer time, but not so well in the winter. The gear shift was on the steering column unlike most of that time period.-- Most gear shifts at that time were on the floor. I took it to SDSU my senior year which was 1957. The rods went out coming home from Madison, SD where I was employed as a Pharmacist in a drug store. I junked the car just outside of Madison and never saw it again! 

Art F.

54 Chevy

1954 Chevrolet

My first car was a 1954 Chevy. I drove it until it dropped. By then Art had come along with his big old `59 Chevy. He always tells people I married him for his car! I just figured that as a perk that went with the wedding vows! 

Rita F. 

60s PlymouthPushbuttons 300


60's Plymouth with Pushbutton 


My father sold cars so I might have 5 different cars in course of the year.   Favorite was a huge Plymouth with push button transmission. Front seat was bigger than some apts I lived in.   Made dating fun.


Dave V.


68 LaSabre

1968 Buick LaSabre


My first car was a yellow and green,  It was a land yacht. My only regret though is that I didn't try to fit the entire class of '82 in the car. Their were 32 of us but if I opened the trunk, I think we would have come close!

Kevin D. 

58 Chevy

1958 Chevy Station Wagon

Straight six, three on the tree, mostly bald tire, but with those chains it drove like a 4x4 through snow, paid $75 for it.


Duane S.

62 Impala 300

1963 2 door Chevy Impala –(ugly brown)

Wow my first car was awesome!

Straight line 6 cylinder (stopped to fill oil and check the gas); Manual 3 speed transmission on the column; Clutch was wearing out but once you got her going wow I was in heaven.

Price: $100.00

Mark M.

65 Plymouth

1965 Plymouth Fury III.

Big, typical mid-60s sedan with a 318 V8. I abused the crap out of that car and eventually traded it in on a 1970 Beetle.


John L.