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Preserving American's Legacies...One Story At-A-Time

AllFormatsOnly 400It is not uncommon to hear people comment how they wish they had taken the time to record the stories of a favorite relative, friend or neighbor.  When asked why they didn't, quite often they remark that they either didn't have the time, didn't know how, didn't have the equipment, or some other "didn't" reason.

Oral Histories & Personal Documentaries

The Story of Your Life is a Most Valuable Family Asset

No longer do valuable stories and legacies of individuals, couples, families and businesses need to go unrecorded!

StoryTelling America will record those stories on video and help you create your own Oral Histories and Personal Documentaries. 

 You can now preserve and tell your life stories and make them available on your TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

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 View Your Loved Ones In Many Ways...

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