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The Story of Your Life is a Most Valuable Family Asset

I think everybody has a story worth telling and sharing one’s life experiences may be the most valuable asset a person can leave for their children and grandchildren.  So I've made it my mission to film people relating the stories of their lives.

STAlogo 541Since many people feel the overwhelming desire to leave a legacy, I've added a service to my business (For Your Information) called StoryTelling America (STA) that records these legacies on video. Instead of taking on the task of writing an autobiography, STA makes it a lot easier by simply interviewing people in their own homes, offices or place of their choosing.

As a professional videographer, storyteller and owner of For Your Information, once the lights are set and the mike is in place the interview process begins.

 I have dozens of important questions that help people remember their past.  Here's a few samples:

  • What were family events like when you were a kid?
  • When did you know he or she would be “the one”?
  • Were there any surprising turns of fate or moments in history that affected your career choices?
  • How did you get in business for yourself?
  • If you could leave one bit of advice, what would it be?


During the interview, people are surprised as to how much these questions help them remember. Years ago I interviewed my 90 year old grandfather. He wasn’t sure he’d have much to say. However, he did. Now my grandchildren are able to see and hear their great-great grandfather just as I did. If he was alive he’d be 128 years old, today

After the interview is over, STA packs up the equipment away and we head to the studio, where the interview will be edited and may include family photographs and home movies. Within a couple weeks, the finished video is ready for viewing in the StoryTelling America private online theater (or on DVD). Family and friends are able to view and download people’s stories on their PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones from anywhere in the world. These videos become instant heirlooms, and are cherished by family members and friends, alike.

10 reasons for doing a video biography (there's more...)

  1. Birthday (70th, 75th, 80th, etc.)
  2. A Veteran’s wish to tell his/her war or travel stories
  3. A personal story connected to a national/world event such as an epic storm or national tragedy
  4. A tribute to a retiring CEO or other executive
  5. Career achievement recognition
  6. A Golden or Silver anniversary
  7. An upcoming wedding
  8. Memories on disk for Alzheimer patient
  9. Terminally ill
  10. The death of a matriarch, patriarch

StoryTelling America
video biographies have been helping people preserve their heritage and stories in an easy and affordable way.

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