Some Final Words by Jim Jarding

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Jim asked, "Can you interview my parents?" Jim Jarding was an assistant fire chief with Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue and co-owner of Jarding Construction with his dad and brother.

Jim.Rick.Shed 800I responded, "Can you build me a shed?" A small shed to store lawn and garden tools seemed like a fair trade for recording a couple of interviews. 

About two weeks later he asked, "Could you also interview my dad's siblings and their spouses?"

"How many?" I asked. 

"About 10," to which he added, "My projects getting a bit large." 

"How big of a shed do you want to build?", I replied. 

A few years later I got a call from Jim with news you never want to hear. "I've been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They say I have about two years to live." 

He added, "Could you interview me? I've got a few thoughts I want to leave for my kids (he and Margaret have four sons) and grandkids." He didn't have any grandkids at that time, but was optimistic the Jarding legacy would grow. 

I would end up spending a warm summer morning on Jim's deck as he spun a few 'Jimmys'. Two years later, at age 56, Jim passed away.

He now has eleven grandchildren. 

Here's what he wanted to tell them.