Water Buffalo - The Dr. Rifat Hussain Story

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Climate change is affecting people's lives all over the world.  If you would like to see how a 79 year-old retired South Dakota surgeon, Dr. Rifat Hussain, is helping to bring fresh, clean water to the tens of thousands of villagers in his native Pakistan click on the images above.

Water-is-Life 400Dr. Hussain is available to speak about his project to your organization, club or group.  Click here to view.

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Water: Impact on Health

To be born with a thirst is a blessing but to die of one is a tragedy. The thirst to grow, to learn, to prosper and to be productive is a basic human right, justifiably taken for granted by those living in developed countries. However, a vast majority of the World's population is overwhelmingly occupied by a different kind of thirst - many do not have clean water for drinking, cooking and sanitation. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) people forced to drink dirty and contaminated water are easy prey to 'diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio' to name a few. WHO estimates that just under 500,000 diarrhoeal deaths occur each year - caused by drinking contaminated water! A sobering way to think about this is, 1400 people per day get very ill and lose their lives simply because of the water they drink!

From Hussain's diary:  First Trip

23rd Jan, 2020…….Tube well number 1


The Mullagoree Tribe has been there for 10,000 years in the same location and they have not dug ONE well. 

They have lived by the water from Springs and rivers that are far away..

Left for MulaGore hills at 9 AM by car. About a 1/2 hour journey- the last part walking up the hill with no road and no track.

Met the local population and discussed the placement of the tube well,

Solar powered water pump. storage tank and possibly building of a Water Storage Stock Dam with stones.

Will build and pay for the Tube Well. 

What about electricity for the submersible pump ? No electricity available  so Solar panels will be used to provide electricity for the pump. That added another 500 dollars to the cost.


Tube well was drilled starting 25th Jan, completed by 27th and Solar powered pump installed.

Good quality in great quantities at 350 feet.


28th Jan, 2020…….Tube well number 2


One village on the side of the hill with 200 house holds with sole source of water a spring.

The spring dried.

Need for water became acute so we decided to examine the situation and see if I could help.That meant a 4 hr trip . plus walking for about 1 1/2 miles on foot up hill. That might be ok but for a 77 yr old man.

Well will a few stops, I made it and after talking with the committee of the locals learned a few things.

The TTP still has its informers there and their network information gathering system.

We chose the site of the tube well but there was no road on which the machinery could come there.

I told the people that budget forced some limitations- at which the locals said they wanted the whole thing financed by us. I tried to explain to then the benefits and that it was in their own interest to contribute but they declined.

So I left a bit miffed.

2 days later got a call from them to say that they will also help.

I said start tomorrow.

They said they needed two days to built the road so that the machine could come up. 

I said fine.

Drilling started and in 12 hrs or so they hit water-( 110 yards down)-

They had a great celebration with the usual prayers and a dinner for everyone but esp: prayers for this 77 yr old man from Yonder.

The electricity was provided by Solar Panels since there is no electricity otherwise.

Had to walk about 1 1/2 miles as there was no road close by. Spoke with the locals and saw the possible location of the tube well.

Problem- closest road is about 200 meters away so how to bring the
equipment to drill the well.

Villagers said they would build enough of a road in 2-3 days.

They did that and I  agreed to have the tube well drilled. Solar powered pumps installed.Good  quality water at 330 feet deep

It is perhaps those whose tongues are dry and throats parched who understand fully what this cliché means, 'water is the stuff of life'. Giving someone access to clean water near their home is the cheapest and most life changing intervention we can do to break the tyranny of death and disease that unsafe water inflicts upon millions of people. We can reasonably agree that potable water is the giver and sustainer of life and everyone should have access to it. Dreams, hopes and aspirations of little boys and girls must not be extinguished by drinking contaminated water and nor should they have to travel long distances to collect a bucket of life extinguishing water.

From Hussain's diary:  First Trip

Feb 5th, 2020………Tube wells number 3 and 4

I got a call that 3 other villages in the plains needed water. Drilled 2 tube wells in 2 villages. 

They had electricity so Solar panels were not needed

Good quality water at 450 feet

Feb 10th, 2020………Tube Well number 5

By now I had already spend most of the money . After a bit of thinking I decided to ask my brother from Toledo if he would grant me some money for this purpose. He agreed to give me money for one tube well. But how was I to get the money ?

Well He will pay me when I get back to the USA so I borrowed the required money from some friends in Pakistan.

Mohmand Agency villages right next to the mountains. 3 villages need water.

Selected a site for the community tube well and drilling started on Feb 15th.

330 feet got good water in great quantities. Solar Panels were needed  for the submersible pump

Feb 24th, 2020………Tube Well number 6

A village named TEH KAL near Peshawar needed water.  They had electricity so no Solar panels were needed

So tube well number 6 was drilled  on Feb 29th. 

It took 3 days to drill as the BORING machine was not available and a “Hammering” machine was used. Good quality water at 240 feet.

March 4th, 2020………Tube well number 7

A poor community  near the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad had no water. A site was selected. By now money was running a bit short so I spoke with the elders of the village  and told them they would have to put up some money. They agreed and this tube well was drilled on March 5th. This also took about 3 days as they used the hammering technique for drilling.

In 2003, on World Environment day, the theme was "Water: Two Billion People Are Dying For It!" - things today are not much better; in 2019, the UN estimated that 2.2 billion people were not able to access managed drinking water services. If you think this problem is too big for you to take a shot at, then you are simply abandoning a wonderful and gratifying opportunity to allow all children the right kind of thirst - the thirst for living, dreaming and achieving. The fight back can begin with something as simple as funding a well for a community somewhere in the world. You can help make water a giver of life again - you can make a difference.