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Memories. They make up the fabric of our lives. Each time we access the memory bank, the emotional bonds associated with them become stronger.

Think of your favorite memory of visiting grandma’s house for the holidays. Can you smell your favorite foods cooking?

For me (although I can still taste my grandmother’s lemon meringue pie), it was less about the food and more about the people there. And as everyone shared memories about one another, those memories became my memories, too.

I know I’m lucky. Not everyone’s memories are Norman Rockwell-ish like mine. The good news is psychologists tell us it’s never too late to create new memories. One of the best ways to do just that is by building moments of connection.

If the memory of your memories seems a bit disconnected, why not check us out and build some new connections. It’s an open invitation. Come and See!



For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope.Jeremiah 29:11

I’d be willing to bet, from time to time, most of us forget how wonderfully created we are. We tend to accentuate the mistakes or misfortune, and diminish the blessings showered on us daily.

When God created humankind, He knew full well that you would eventually be one of his masterpieces. "This is good!" he said about you in the very moment that you were conceived in your mother's womb.



Heavenly Father,

Sometimes I wonder “What’s the use?”. I try to do my best, but my efforts either aren’t good enough or seem to miss the mark. Help me to realize that by myself, my effort will most often come up short. Only through you can I accomplish the plans you have for me and achieve the amazing potential You created me for.



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With the advance of cultural indifference, or even hostility toward religion and spirituality, our Church has been a little slow to respond. We depended on each generation to evangelize the next generation, and often enough, other cultural values eclipsed the message of the Gospel. We hope that our "Like and Share" project might reach some folks who are searching for something deeper in life. Perhaps some will even join us at Mass for another look.