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Ever get an invitation you weren’t expecting?  Maybe caused you to wonder quizzically “why” you were invited.  Maybe it was to an event hosted by someone from your not-as-close-as close friends’ group, from the fringe.  If you’re like me, you probably tossed it on the pile of “I’ll get to it later” stuff that seems to accumulate on every flat surface in the house.  It doesn’t get high priority on your list.  But you don’t recycle, either.  It just sits there, waiting. 

Time goes by, you’re consolidating your piles of unprioritized stuff, and you run across the invitation again.  You give it a closer look and decide that since nothing else is going on that day, why not RSVP. 

As the date to the event gets closer, you have second and third thoughts about your decision. You finally commit but give yourself an excuse to get away early if the event turns out to be as lame as you’re thinking it could be. 

You show up, take a deep breath, and join the festivities (already hatching your escape plans in the back of your head).  Hours later, you realize this was a great event and you couldn’t imagine what you would have missed out on had you not come.

It seems to me that God offers each of us an open invitation to a boatload of opportunities inside and outside the Church.  And, sometimes, you check your calendar to see if you have better options. But when your calendar is clear, and the invitation is open, it could be that opportunity that changes your life!



“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.Isaiah 55.1

You know when there’s a longing in your spirit.  It feels empty and you’re unsatisfied.  Accept God’s invitation to fill  your soul with all the good things he has planned for you. 


Heavenly Father,

Help me in those times when I’m afraid to say, “Yes” to  your invitation.  Help me to believe you can satisfy the emptiness that’s real in my life. Give me the courage to boldly believe in your plans for my life. 

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With the advance of cultural indifference, or even hostility toward religion and spirituality, our Church has been a little slow to respond. We depended on each generation to evangelize the next generation, and often enough, other cultural values eclipsed the message of the Gospel. We hope that our "Like and Share" project might reach some folks who are searching for something deeper in life. Perhaps some will even join us at Mass for another look.